What Are Android Drivers And Why You Need Them On Your PC or Mac?

If you are an Android user, then you must be aware that you need USB drivers for your specific Android device to connect the device to your computer. These USB drivers are popularly known as Android drivers despite being nothing very different than any USB device driver.


The fact is that your Android device will get connected instantly with the default USB drivers on your PC or Mac, specifically the Intel USB drivers. However, there is no guarantee. Thus, the OEMs develop the USB driver for all devices they sell. As these USB drivers are developed specifically for the Android devices manufactured by the respective OEM, they raise the compatibility factor to the maximum.

Importance of Android USB Drivers

Well, the use for Android drivers on your PC or Mac isn’t limited to data sharing or transferring media content or files between your phone storage and the PC. These Android drivers are also necessary for development as well. Hence, these Android drivers are classified into different segments as per their usage such as Android SDK USB drivers, ADB and Fastboot drivers, etc.

What is ADB Driver?

Well, ADB stands for Android Debug Bridge. As the name suggests, this driver helps in creating a bridge between the PC and the Android device for the developers to test or debug the bugs in their Android applications. With the help of an ADB driver, you can easily modify your device or its software using command line via PC.

This is merely done by connecting the device running the software to a PC and feeding it terminal commands.

What is Fastboot?

In the Android ecosystem, Fastboot is a designated protocol that you can boot your device into. While the fastboot mode is enabled on your device, you can easily change the file system images on the device using a computer connected via USB.

In general terms, Fastboot is a 3-in-one diagnostic tool that is quite useful for the developers out there. For one, its a standard protocol for communication between an Android device and a computer within the Android ecosystem. Secondly, it is a software that runs on your Android device. Lastly, it is also the executable file on your computer that is designed to bridge the gap between your Android device and the computer.

Where to find these Android USB Drivers?

Whether you are an Android developer or not, it is always a wise option to have these Android drivers compatible with your Android device on your PC or Mac. You can always install them whenever the need arises.

Now, the reason why you should have the Android drivers for your device beforehand is that most of the times when new devices are launched, the company would stop offering any support for their outdated devices. So, if you already have the drivers on your PC, then it would come handy in the future whenever you need it.

You can easily find the Android USB drivers for Windows and Mac from the OEM’s official website. Whether you are looking for drivers for your Android phone or tablet, ADB or Fastboot, you can find everything on their downloads or support page.

However, if you can’t possibly find the related page or options to download the specific drivers, you can check below where we have compiled a list of some of the top OEMs with their respective link to the USB drivers / PC Suite or whatever applies. Remember that, all these Android USB drivers lists are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

Android USB Drivers for Windows PC

Finding Android USB drivers for Windows PC with respect to your Android device is not hard. Every Android phone manufacturer will dedicate a helpful resource page on their official website with a list of necessary downloads including the Android drivers sorted according to the device.

Yet, to make it simple for you, we have compiled a list of popular Android device manufacturers and a link to their downloadable Android USB drivers.

Google Nexus Phones: Download Google Nexus Drivers from the details mentioned here.

Samsung Android Phones & Tablets: Download Samsung USB Drivers or Download Samsung KIES (drivers included – Windows/Mac).

HTC Android Devices: Download HTC USB Drivers or Download HTC Sync Manager (drivers included – Windows/Mac).

Motorola Android Devices: Download Motorola USB Drivers (Motorola Device Manager).

Huawei Android Devices: Download Huawei USB Drivers or Download HiSuite (drivers included).

LG Android Devices: Download LG USB Drivers.

  • For device specific drivers, go to LG website > Search for the product > Resources > Download driver.

ASUS Android Devices: Download ASUS USB Drivers or Download ASUS PC Suite (drivers included).

SONY Android Devices: Sony provides USB drivers and tools for both Windows and Mac.

Other Brands:

ZTE: Download ZTE USB Driver.

DELL: Download DELL USB Drivers (device specific).

Fujitsu: Download Fujitsu USB Drivers.

Intel: Download Intel Android USB Drivers.

Android USB Drivers for Mac – Android File Transfer

While you need specific drivers for different functions on both Mac and PC, you can always use the Android File Transfer app for Mac to simply transfer content from one end to another. Yes, this simple app can be the ultimate solution to all your Android file transfer queries using a Mac machine.

Even after going through this useful guide if you are still not able to find the right drivers, then feel free to let us know using the comment section below.

Best CYBER MONDAY DEALS for Hosting Websites

Cyber Monday is up, people have started looking for the deals. We own a couple of websites and from the stats and traffic keywords, we found out that this year has seen a rise in the demand for web hosting deals.

Setting up a website is easy, but finding a good host isn’t. Especially during a time like this, “Black Friday and Cyber Monday”. In this article, I’ll help you come across best hosting deals during Cyber Monday.

Hostgator is coming up with 75% off

Hostgator is one of the oldest hosting companies in the field. The company has not only offered great services, but it has also diversified in countries like India, the sad part is “Hostgator.in” isn’t as good as “Hostgator.com”. That’s why, if you are planning to buy a hosting account, I’d suggest you to go for Hostgator US over Hostgator India.

In case you don’t like the 75% off deal, I’d suggest you to try it for once, It also has 30-day money back guaranteed which would surely reduce the risk of your investment.

Digital Ocean is giving $10 credit

Digital Ocean is one of the loveliest cloud hosting, The site offers a fast VPS for as low as $5/month. The sad thing about this is, “There is no CPANEL”.

iPage is giving 12 months of Unlimited Hosting + Free Domain at $23

LG G5 Review: Everything to know about the smartphone

LG G5 Review: Everything to know about the smartphone

LG G Series has contributed a vast in the Smartphone Market. LG G Series has been made to provide users the best experience. The Smartphone was launched way back in February at the  Mobile World Congress. With the Announcement of the smartphone, it has created a buzz in the market. The Firm has made the  smartphone by putting great effort by providing the latest High-End Technologies.


Here I am providing you LG G5 review after using it for the last 30 days. I am very much overwhelmed by the  performance of the device and find it worth at this price. One wants to buy the high-end smartphone to capture great moments with their family and friends or one wants to the device as he travels a lot. The Usage of gadgets matters from one person to other.

I know I am too late to review the smartphone but some people are still wondering whether to buy the device or not. Here I will provide you all the relevant details of the device which will help you to think whether the device suits your needs or not!

LG G5: Appearance and Body

LG G5 looks very stylish when we hold in hand, it is perfectly curved at the edges and given a better feel. The smartphone is built by integrating metal and Plastic together. Although the size of the device is 5.3 inch, the device is still bulky.

Front Side Appearance:



Things that I Like:
  • Bezels on the device
  • The last thing is the color of the display which is similar to the color of the device, gives a premium look to the device.
Things that I don’t Like
  • The device doesn’t have any buttons at the bottom. As many people want the buttons, as they make the navigation better.
  • It is a Modular Phone which allows you to pop out the battery by pressing the button at the downside. Due to this feature, one has to turn off the phone to insert the battery.

Backside Appearance:


They are many rumors by people that the backside of the device is not metal. Also, there is a video which claims that it’s not metal at all. But LG Confirmed that “It is a special Aluminium Body” and when we scratch the back with a sharp object the primer gets removed.

LG G5: Top, Bottom and Side Appearance

In the device, top side has a 3.5mm headphone jack, bottom side has a USB Type-C charging port, Left side has an Unlock Button at the bottom and Volume button on top and lastly on the right-hand side, there is a Dual-Sim slot.

LG G5 Display

LG G5 has a 5.3-inch wide display with QHD screen. The device sports 1440×2560 pixel resolution. Also it a special feature called “Always on Display” which provides users details about notification, time and battery status. Due to this feature, it helps to increase the productivity..

Processing and OS of Device

The smartphone is powered by 2.15 GHz of Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor and Dual Core 1.2GHz of Processor. The device allows you to perform multiple tasks without any lag. Also, it runs on Adreno 530 GPU which gives a powerful performance. The device sports Android Marshmallow out of the box. The smartphone is started receiving Nougat Update since the last two days.

RAM and Storage

The device features a 4GB of RAM with Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor. Due to this combination, lots of tasks can be performed easily.

Also, it offers 32GB of internal Storage which can be further expanded to 2TB via MicroSD card. Apart from that, when you sign up with your Google account for the first time, it offers 100GB of Drive storage. Due to this, you will be able to store more things.


LG G5 offers one of the magnificent cameras. It offers 16MP of a Primary camera and 8MP of Front Facing Camera. Apart from that, the camera has a ton of features like Optical Image Stabilization, Laser AutoFocus, Touch Focus, LED Touch, LED Flash, Geo-Tagging, Touch Focus, Face Detection, HDR , Panorama and various other interesting features.

I am very much impressed by the images. I have taken a ton of images by the device. Withe the help of wide angle mode, I was able to cover  a wide area in the images. Also, the images were looking crystal clear. But when I zoomed images, Pixels were appearing. While I took images in Normal mode too, which looked quite good then other devices in the  range.

Battery and other details

The Smartphone is backed by 2800mAh of Battery. With this battery, the device worked for 4 hrs as I was parallelly doing things like playing games, updating apps and capturing Images. Also it offers Quick Charge, by which you will be able to charge device upto 83% in just 30mins. Also, it offers Non-Removable Battery which is not seen in various High-End Devices.


The device supports USB Type-C charging and is available in three color variants mainly Pink, Titan and Gold.

Modular Options

The Device has two modular options. Users called modular as the “Friends of LG”. One is LG Hi-Fi Plus which is an audio enhancing module, which offers users a quality audio performance. The second`one is LG Cam Plus, which offers users DSLR like Grip which allows taking better photos and a physical shutter button. Apart from this, it adds 1200mAh of Battery Life.


If you are living in India, you can buy the device from Amazon India or Flipkart. But if you are living US, you can buy from Amazon US. If you want to compare prices on different online stores, then you can compare on MySmartPrice.

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Quick Charge 4 will provide 5 hrs of use in just 5 mins of charging

Quick Charge 4 will provide 5 hrs of use in just 5 mins of charging

Qualcomm, the American Multinational Telecommunications company has recently announced their latest flagship mobile processor Snapdragon 835 which will be replaced by the older version of Snapdragon 820/821 processors. This new chip will be released in the First Quarter of 2017. This new processor consists of quick charge 4.0 which will offer fast charging capabilities to all the high-end devices.

Qualcomm Snapdragon

As per the reports, the company will be associated with Samsung Electronics and the new processor will utilize 10nm process rather than 14nm process used in current devices. Due to this, it will offer higher performance, lower power consumption and less area efficiency. Qualcomm in its recent blog said, “Less space doesn’t mean less processing horsepower, however. The 10nm node will help Snapdragon 835 processors achieve high-quality power efficiency and performance while opening up territory for new mobile experiences”.

Most Amazing thing is,

Qualcomm has claimed that with this new processor, one will be able to use a smartphone for 5 hrs from just 5 mins of charging.  This new technology of Quick Charge 4.0 is engineered to charge the device from zero to 50% from just 15 min of charging.

Quick Charge 4

As per the previous Quick Charge 3, Quick Charge 4 is 20% much faster. Also, the processor will be compatible with the new USB Type-c Charging.  The company has made the perfect calculation of all the aspects such as voltage and temperature to protect  the device from heat. A special thing about the Quick Charge 4 is, it is fully compliant with USB Power Delivery, which means it supports Type-C USB Charging including all the other future USB cables.

Which Technology is being used?

Qualcomm has used the new technology known as Intelligent Negotiation for Optimal Voltage which controls the power that the device gains from the charging cables. Also, it is powered by heat management technology which doesn’t allow the device to overheat. This new processor will be integrated into the devices that are going to launch in 2017.

Update Your Motorola Smartphone Using Motorola Device Manager for Windows/MAC OS X

In the current era, all the smartphones are getting updates on a regular basis, while a few years back we have to wait for a long time to get the OS Updates. Before few months, Android Marshmallow updates were rolled out on various devices, yet many devices are not running on the OS. Also, Google has released Android Nougat for the upcoming devices and for the older devices which are compatible with it.


These updates from the various companies are rolled out to make the life of the people better in each and every way. Motorola has tried many times to roll out updates on time, but it failed also. Many of the people always want to update device using their laptop or PC due to reasons such as, they don’t have a strong WiFi Connection or a Fast Data at their place.

What is Motorola Device Manager?

Motorola Device manager is a special tool, which mainly consists of USB driver and also allows the user to update the smartphone to the latest firmware. Basically, it is a software which is used to connect your smartphone with PC or Mac. Lately, it downloads all the essential updates and installs to your Moto Device.

By chance, if you are unable to get the OTA update notification on the smartphone, Motorola Device Manager helps you to get the latest firmware update for your device. Besides, MDM is also available for MAC.

Steps to update Motorola  Phone using Motorola Device Manager

There are many users who don’t know how to install or update their device using Motorola Device Manager, here I will list down all the essential steps so that you can update your device easily.

Essential  Requirements
  • Motorola Smartphone
  • USB Cable
  • Motorola Device Manager
  • High Speed Internet Connection on PC
  • 2 to 3 GB free space on PC

#1: Download Motorola  Device Manager on your PC/MAC and install it.

Motorola Device Manager is a tool which helps to Download and Flash the Update for your Motorola Device if you don’t have Motorola Device Manager then it’s not worthy to follow this guide. So what are you waiting for? download and install MDM for your PC or MAC.

#2: Reboot your PC or MAC after successful installation of MDM.

It is one of the most essential things to do after installation of MDM. Installation time varies from 2 to 5 mins based on the resources and their availability.

#3: Connect your Smartphone with the PC or MAC with help of USB Cable

As soon as you connect your phone with PC using USB Cable, the Phone will be recognized by MDM and will install sufficient drives. If your PC or MAC is unable to identify it, then there is some driver related issue. To overcome this, Uninstall MDM and Fresh Install Motorola Device Manager to the PC or MAC.

#4: Update your Motorola Phone or Tablet


Motorola Device Manager is an intelligent tool which sends you the notification if  there is any update available for your device. To update your Device, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open Motorola Device Manager.
  2. Click to “Check for Device Update”.
  3. If there is update, then go to next step.

#5: If update is available, follow the steps suggested by Motorola Device Manager on the Screen.

In case, any updates are available for your Moto Device , then follow the instructions given by MDM on the Screen and update our Smartphone. But, if you don’t get any notification about updates, then wait for the update to come.

So here , I have listed all the basic steps to update your Motorola Smartphone. Follow the steps and update your Device.

Last but not the least:

Motorola Device Manager FAQ’s

In Case, if MDM is unable to detect your smartphone, try following steps:

  • Go to Settings->Click on Developer Options-> Turn on USB Debugging Mode.
  • Other thing is, reconnect your smartphone using USB cable and go to settings and select Media MTP from USB options.

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Source: Motorola

Alcatel launches smartwatch for kids at a Price of Rs 4,799

The Era of wearable devices has been increasing since a year. All the companies are trying their best to provide gadgets that fulfill needs of the users. In order to make wearable devices for all , Alcatel launched  ‘MoveTime – Track and Talk kids’ smartwatch which allows kids to communicate with Pre-Installed Contacts and also enables GPS Tracking. This Wearable device helps the parents to stay connected with their kids by allowing control over the children’s communication.


Moving towards to the specification of the device, the watch is powered by Nucleus OS and sports an OLED 0.95-inch single white color display and will be compatible with both iOS and Android. The dimensions of the  device include 40x40x15.8mm and weight of the device is 40gms. The device will have 370mAh of a battery which can be charged within 1.5 hrs and will provide Talktime of  2hrs. On Standby, the device will be active for four  days. Smartwatch also features an SOS button for any dangerous situations an SMS is sent to the Parents.

The smartwatch is mainly aimed to for Children having age between 5 to 11 years. It allows Parents to call or send voice message on the kids. Kids will be able to make calls to 10 pre-set numbers and 5 registered numbers as the device supports 2G connectivity. The interface of the device is perfect and helps kids for better navigation.

What are the most amazing features?

First is, One is the safe zone, with this feature, Parents can set an area in which kids can perform activities. If the kid leaves the safe area, parents will be notified by the alert message on their respected app for both Android or iOS Devices respectively.

Second is, it allows to manage the contacts in the watch. By this, kids can open list of contact and set the Emergency contact number to connect with the parents.

Third is, Save power, with this feature one can select suitable location frequency according to the needs of the user. As the device will come with different positioning modes, select mode properly.

The fourth one, Monitor, parents can easily monitor the kids within the safe are due to GSM, GPS and WIFI.

Fifth is, Mute Time, with this feature you will be able to set reminder function. You can select Mute time as per requirement of the children.

One of the special features of the device is, it  comes with two different color combinations.  Also, the device is IP65 rated for protection from dust and water. The smartwatch will be exclusively from Flipkart for Rs 4,799.

WhatsApp launches Video Calling Across different Platforms in India

WhatsApp, the most famous messaging service in India will now allow you to do Video Calls. WhatsApp will compete with the other video calling apps like Skype, Apple’s Facetime, Hike, Google Duo and other apps. WhatsApp launched Video Calling across different platforms in India today.


This Well Known Messaging App was launched back in 2009, later in 2015, WhatsApp introduced Voice Calls.In an Interview, Jan Koum, Founder of WhatsApp said, “WhatsApp will be launched in total 180 countries followed by India”.

India has the largest User Base for this Application. WhatsApp Announced, “It has over 160 million users in India, largest in the world “. WhatsApp said this new feature is specially  optimized for regions like India who face poor internet connection”. Also added, “we want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks”.

Bottom Line:

WhatsApp ensures that Video Calling will have End to End Encryption like all the messages. Due to this, you will be able to call or send a message to another person regardless of any company or Government Authorities to read or listen to messages and calls respectively.

WhatsApp new feature will work on all the devices having Android 4.1 or above. This feature will roll out on all Android, iPhone and Windows 10 devices at the same time. A month before, WhatsApp started this test by sending updates to selected devices using its beta program.

How to do video calling?

To do video calling, first, open any person’s profiles in the app. Next thing is, tap the call button in the app.  After that, you will get two  options, Voice call or Video Call, select the most suitable one. Also, you will get an option to select, whether to use the front or back camera. You can also do multitasking, i.e. minimize the call on the app can use another app.

Microsoft Visual Studio For Mac

microsoft visual studio for mac
Source: Verge

So as most of you will be knowing the fact that now Microsoft has announced that they are upcoming with Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac computers and laptops. It comes with the coding interface as well with the graphical interface as in Visual Studios currently available on Windows.
This would help Mac users staying on the same platform, without going for dual boot options. And allows other users to also work on Visual Studios on Mac computers.
As Microsoft is shifting it’s focus towards money-making cloud operation, all their programming task is being shifted from local servers to cloud services such as Azure ( owned and initiated by Microsoft) and AWS ( from Amazon).
By such measures all the professional users will be benefited, as they can stay on the same platform. And helping Visual Studios reach in other platforms too. It would be versatile to see a software which can be used more various operating system. Thus providing the professionals a choice to use the same software on the desired operating system which they are comfortable with.
Such initiative would bring a major leap where IOS and Mac developer can develop apps and software for Windows. And is achieved using the app development platform know as Xamarin Studio.
The company had also announced that they would be adding native support for Linux command line Bash to Windows, which is for the first time. Such moves would definitely affect on the company’s growth and the IT industry.
Microsoft community architect also said “brilliant for developers that use a diverse set of tools” on launching Visual Studio for Mac.
Microsoft is going to unveil the preview of the software in the Microsoft’s Connect Developer even later this week.

SanDisk Launches two High Capacity Storage Devices in India

SanDisk Launches two High Capacity Storage Devices in India

The Demand for more storage on the Smart Devices is always in need by the Android Users. To overcome this situation, SanDisk has recently launched two high capacity storage devices in India with a High Capacity of 256GB. SanDisk introduced SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card and SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 for all the Users In India.


A lot of Users are unable to share content due to lack of Storage. To fulfill all the needs of the customers SanDisk Introduced the Devices in the Market. This Devices will have a great impact on the customers. Smartphones are getting Better Day by Day.

The Best Part is,

With the Help of SanDisk Ultra microSDXC UHS-I card, you will be able to take as many pictures and videos you want without worrying about the Storage Space. The card has the capacity to store a Full HD video shoot for 24 Hrs. The Transfer Speed of the card is about 95MBps. Besides the card is waterproof, temperature proof , shock proof and X-Ray Proof.

Where will it be available?

The Card will be available on the E-Commerce Site Amazon India from this December at a Price of Rs 13,300. Later it will be available on various Retail Outlets.

Let’s move to other device,

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 is a Flash Drive with On-the-Go Functionality made especially for Andriod Devices. It will have Dual Connecter options, which means it can be used in Both Computer as well as Smartphones. It will provide transfer speed of 150MBps.

Apart  from this,

The Drive will be also available in other variants of 16GB and 128GB as well. The Drive will be Exclusively available on E-Commerce Site Flipkart First. Prices of 16GB ,32GB,64GB and  128GB will be Rs 650,Rs 950, Rs 1650 and Rs3600 Respectively. All the devices will have 5 years of warranty.

Netflix v/s Hulu v/s Amazon Prime Comparison: which company provides best streaming service?

There is all time battle between the Streaming Services provided by different companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. The major confusion lies which is best amongst the three. The technology has increased a lot in the past few years and the era of streaming services is increasing day by day. With this, in upcoming few years, Cable TV services will be on the verge of extinction. All the three companies are providing the best services. Here you will find the detail description of all the three services.

HULU vs NETFLIX: Comparison


Netflix is an American Multinational Entertainment Company which was started in 1997. The  company first started DVD by mail business. Netflix was internationally available from 2010.  After that Netflix has started streaming of TV Series and Film in 2013, Debuting first TV series House of Cards. Recent Analyses says that it has been spread around 190 countries and has around 86million users Worldwide.


Netflix has a variety of content from TV Series to Movies to Popular Comedy Dramas. Netflix is known for it’s Original and unique content that it  provides to all the users. TV Shows such as House of Cards, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Mad Man, Stranger Things and Orange is the new Black are liked by all the users worldwide.

Netflix Most Popular

Besides this, it has different categories for Movies, Documentaries, and Stand-up Comedy Shows. You can watch several Old Movies too. Netflix is completely ad-free and is available in SD, HD and UHD. The Subscriptions Plans are from $7.99 to $11.99.



Hulu is the other company which also streams services online. Unlike Netflix, Hulu releases the latest episodes of the TV shows. Netflix releases the TV series after it has been fully broadcasted while Hulu releases a Show a day after it has been aired. On Hulu, sometimes you will be able to view only five recent episodes, which is sort of a disappointment for the users.

Hulu Most Popular


On Hulu, you will be able to access all the Original Content. Tv Shows such as The Mindy Project, The Path and Difficult People are most Popular. The Subscription plans for Hulu starts from $5.99/month for 1 year and then $7.99/ month While if you want to watch as free content then you have to pay  $11.99/month. One of the main reason behind Hulu existence is its User Interface.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime provides a free 30-day trial, after that you can select the plan according to your needs. One of the major Drawback of Amazon Prime is it has a limited amount of content library as compared to other to streaming services. Amazon Prime has around 40,000 Streaming movies and TV Shows in total.

Amazon Prime Most Popular

Amazon has a wide collection of movies and TV shows from new to old. Tv Shows such as Transparent, Bosch and Mozart in the Jungle are most Popular. Like Netflix, prime also provides ad-free content to the users. Besides this, it also provides streaming in various qualities like SD, HD, UHD and HDR. Amazon Prime is only the company, for now, to provide HDR(High Dynamic Range) Service to the users.

Final Conclusion: Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime which is the best?

People generally use torrents to watch different TV Series. If you ask me to select one , I would prefer Netflix compare to other to as it is available in India. Also, Netflix is growing its market in various other countries too. Hulu is the streaming service available only in the US, while if you want to access Hulu in other countries you have to use VPN. Hulu and Amazon Prime are also good at Streaming Services, but Netflix is better than other too services.

Source: Droidmen – HULU vs Netflix