Google recently changed the policy of App Subscriptions, by this App Developers will get a chance to attract more customers to their App. In this Policy, the Developers can offer Subscription of an App to the users for a Limited amount of time at a cheap rate.

Google Play

This Offer was announced by Google for Developers to Increase the market share and also to gain more customers. For Ex, if a developer launches a new app, then he/she can offer a subscription to all the users for 3 months at a cheap rate to test the app. By this policy, Users will be able to enjoy new apps at a cheap rate for limited time and then the standard subscription policy will be applicable for the user.

In one of the Android Developer’s Blog, Larissa Fontaine Director, Global Head of Apps Business Development, Google Play, States “We know how important subscriptions are in helping you monetize and we’re continuing to invest in features to support your subscription business. Subscriptions are the fastest growing business model on Play, with consumer spending in subscription apps increasing 10x over the last 3 years. Coming soon, you’ll be able to create an introductory price for new subscribers for a set period of time. For example, you can offer a subscription for $1 per month for the first three months before the normal subscription price kicks in. Along with local/custom pricing and free trials already offered, introductory pricing will help you acquire more subscribers and grow your subscription business.”

Google has recently also launched a feature called Pre-Register for the App before it is Officially launched on the store. Due to this feature, Developer will be able to build a huge customer base. Also, Google is testing a new feature called “Try it now”. In this feature, a user will be able to use the app for 10 mins as a trial and then can purchase the app if the user wants. Due to these changes, both the developers and the users will be benefited.

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