microsoft visual studio for mac

Source: Verge

So as most of you will be knowing the fact that now Microsoft has announced that they are upcoming with Microsoft Visual Studio for Mac computers and laptops. It comes with the coding interface as well with the graphical interface as in Visual Studios currently available on Windows.
This would help Mac users staying on the same platform, without going for dual boot options. And allows other users to also work on Visual Studios on Mac computers.
As Microsoft is shifting it’s focus towards money-making cloud operation, all their programming task is being shifted from local servers to cloud services such as Azure ( owned and initiated by Microsoft) and AWS ( from Amazon).
By such measures all the professional users will be benefited, as they can stay on the same platform. And helping Visual Studios reach in other platforms too. It would be versatile to see a software which can be used more various operating system. Thus providing the professionals a choice to use the same software on the desired operating system which they are comfortable with.
Such initiative would bring a major leap where IOS and Mac developer can develop apps and software for Windows. And is achieved using the app development platform know as Xamarin Studio.
The company had also announced that they would be adding native support for Linux command line Bash to Windows, which is for the first time. Such moves would definitely affect on the company’s growth and the IT industry.
Microsoft community architect also said “brilliant for developers that use a diverse set of tools” on launching Visual Studio for Mac.
Microsoft is going to unveil the preview of the software in the Microsoft’s Connect Developer even later this week.

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