There is all time battle between the Streaming Services provided by different companies like Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Prime. The major confusion lies which is best amongst the three. The technology has increased a lot in the past few years and the era of streaming services is increasing day by day. With this, in upcoming few years, Cable TV services will be on the verge of extinction. All the three companies are providing the best services. Here you will find the detail description of all the three services.

HULU vs NETFLIX: Comparison


Netflix is an American Multinational Entertainment Company which was started in 1997. The  company first started DVD by mail business. Netflix was internationally available from 2010.  After that Netflix has started streaming of TV Series and Film in 2013, Debuting first TV series House of Cards. Recent Analyses says that it has been spread around 190 countries and has around 86million users Worldwide.


Netflix has a variety of content from TV Series to Movies to Popular Comedy Dramas. Netflix is known for it’s Original and unique content that it  provides to all the users. TV Shows such as House of Cards, Arrested Development, Breaking Bad, Mad Man, Stranger Things and Orange is the new Black are liked by all the users worldwide.

Netflix Most Popular

Besides this, it has different categories for Movies, Documentaries, and Stand-up Comedy Shows. You can watch several Old Movies too. Netflix is completely ad-free and is available in SD, HD and UHD. The Subscriptions Plans are from $7.99 to $11.99.



Hulu is the other company which also streams services online. Unlike Netflix, Hulu releases the latest episodes of the TV shows. Netflix releases the TV series after it has been fully broadcasted while Hulu releases a Show a day after it has been aired. On Hulu, sometimes you will be able to view only five recent episodes, which is sort of a disappointment for the users.

Hulu Most Popular


On Hulu, you will be able to access all the Original Content. Tv Shows such as The Mindy Project, The Path and Difficult People are most Popular. The Subscription plans for Hulu starts from $5.99/month for 1 year and then $7.99/ month While if you want to watch as free content then you have to pay  $11.99/month. One of the main reason behind Hulu existence is its User Interface.

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime provides a free 30-day trial, after that you can select the plan according to your needs. One of the major Drawback of Amazon Prime is it has a limited amount of content library as compared to other to streaming services. Amazon Prime has around 40,000 Streaming movies and TV Shows in total.

Amazon Prime Most Popular

Amazon has a wide collection of movies and TV shows from new to old. Tv Shows such as Transparent, Bosch and Mozart in the Jungle are most Popular. Like Netflix, prime also provides ad-free content to the users. Besides this, it also provides streaming in various qualities like SD, HD, UHD and HDR. Amazon Prime is only the company, for now, to provide HDR(High Dynamic Range) Service to the users.

Final Conclusion: Netflix vs Hulu vs Amazon Prime which is the best?

People generally use torrents to watch different TV Series. If you ask me to select one , I would prefer Netflix compare to other to as it is available in India. Also, Netflix is growing its market in various other countries too. Hulu is the streaming service available only in the US, while if you want to access Hulu in other countries you have to use VPN. Hulu and Amazon Prime are also good at Streaming Services, but Netflix is better than other too services.

Source: Droidmen – HULU vs Netflix

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