In the current era, all the smartphones are getting updates on a regular basis, while a few years back we have to wait for a long time to get the OS Updates. Before few months, Android Marshmallow updates were rolled out on various devices, yet many devices are not running on the OS. Also, Google has released Android Nougat for the upcoming devices and for the older devices which are compatible with it.


These updates from the various companies are rolled out to make the life of the people better in each and every way. Motorola has tried many times to roll out updates on time, but it failed also. Many of the people always want to update device using their laptop or PC due to reasons such as, they don’t have a strong WiFi Connection or a Fast Data at their place.

What is Motorola Device Manager?

Motorola Device manager is a special tool, which mainly consists of USB driver and also allows the user to update the smartphone to the latest firmware. Basically, it is a software which is used to connect your smartphone with PC or Mac. Lately, it downloads all the essential updates and installs to your Moto Device.

By chance, if you are unable to get the OTA update notification on the smartphone, Motorola Device Manager helps you to get the latest firmware update for your device. Besides, MDM is also available for MAC.

Steps to update Motorola  Phone using Motorola Device Manager

There are many users who don’t know how to install or update their device using Motorola Device Manager, here I will list down all the essential steps so that you can update your device easily.

Essential  Requirements
  • Motorola Smartphone
  • USB Cable
  • Motorola Device Manager
  • High Speed Internet Connection on PC
  • 2 to 3 GB free space on PC

#1: Download Motorola  Device Manager on your PC/MAC and install it.

Motorola Device Manager is a tool which helps to Download and Flash the Update for your Motorola Device if you don’t have Motorola Device Manager then it’s not worthy to follow this guide. So what are you waiting for? download and install MDM for your PC or MAC.

#2: Reboot your PC or MAC after successful installation of MDM.

It is one of the most essential things to do after installation of MDM. Installation time varies from 2 to 5 mins based on the resources and their availability.

#3: Connect your Smartphone with the PC or MAC with help of USB Cable

As soon as you connect your phone with PC using USB Cable, the Phone will be recognized by MDM and will install sufficient drives. If your PC or MAC is unable to identify it, then there is some driver related issue. To overcome this, Uninstall MDM and Fresh Install Motorola Device Manager to the PC or MAC.

#4: Update your Motorola Phone or Tablet


Motorola Device Manager is an intelligent tool which sends you the notification if  there is any update available for your device. To update your Device, follow the steps given below.

  1. Open Motorola Device Manager.
  2. Click to “Check for Device Update”.
  3. If there is update, then go to next step.

#5: If update is available, follow the steps suggested by Motorola Device Manager on the Screen.

In case, any updates are available for your Moto Device , then follow the instructions given by MDM on the Screen and update our Smartphone. But, if you don’t get any notification about updates, then wait for the update to come.

So here , I have listed all the basic steps to update your Motorola Smartphone. Follow the steps and update your Device.

Last but not the least:

Motorola Device Manager FAQ’s

In Case, if MDM is unable to detect your smartphone, try following steps:

  • Go to Settings->Click on Developer Options-> Turn on USB Debugging Mode.
  • Other thing is, reconnect your smartphone using USB cable and go to settings and select Media MTP from USB options.

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Source: Motorola

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