WhatsApp, the most famous messaging service in India will now allow you to do Video Calls. WhatsApp will compete with the other video calling apps like Skype, Apple’s Facetime, Hike, Google Duo and other apps. WhatsApp launched Video Calling across different platforms in India today.


This Well Known Messaging App was launched back in 2009, later in 2015, WhatsApp introduced Voice Calls.In an Interview, Jan Koum, Founder of WhatsApp said, “WhatsApp will be launched in total 180 countries followed by India”.

India has the largest User Base for this Application. WhatsApp Announced, “It has over 160 million users in India, largest in the world “. WhatsApp said this new feature is specially  optimized for regions like India who face poor internet connection”. Also added, “we want to make these features available to everyone, not just those who can afford the most expensive new phones or live in countries with the best cellular networks”.

Bottom Line:

WhatsApp ensures that Video Calling will have End to End Encryption like all the messages. Due to this, you will be able to call or send a message to another person regardless of any company or Government Authorities to read or listen to messages and calls respectively.

WhatsApp new feature will work on all the devices having Android 4.1 or above. This feature will roll out on all Android, iPhone and Windows 10 devices at the same time. A month before, WhatsApp started this test by sending updates to selected devices using its beta program.

How to do video calling?

To do video calling, first, open any person’s profiles in the app. Next thing is, tap the call button in the app.  After that, you will get two  options, Voice call or Video Call, select the most suitable one. Also, you will get an option to select, whether to use the front or back camera. You can also do multitasking, i.e. minimize the call on the app can use another app.

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