I’ve been one among those who has rooted his smartphone on the first day of purchase. With the latest versions coming in the market and the giant like Google, shaming the manufacturers for not providing updates on time. I don’t feel the need for rooting my android device.

However, there are people who use android phones, not just to have the best mobile experience, but to customize their phones to the fullest. Customizing their phones would allow them to do whatever they want with their phone. With basic functionalities like removing apps that consume huge battery, a rooted android phone can also be used to do advanced things.

One of the most known brands when it comes to custom ROMs is CyanogenMod. It has been one of the most trusted and fastest community to bring the latest updates to the people. CyanogenMod and other Cyanogen Services came to an end because of the bad business decisions are taken by Cyanogen Inc.

However, this would have been sad if the developer community wouldn’t have wanted to serve, The developer community is cool and wants to bring the same CyanogenMod like support to the people. But this time it is going to be in the form of Lineage OS.

The operating system is currently under development and that’s why there are chances that you might not enjoy using the Lineage OS. The best thing about the Lineage OS is, it is still smoother than the other ROMs available in the market, maybe that’s what experience in development helps you achieve.

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